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Control your documents and use your data with ease...


Physical archiving

  • Helping you standardize your archive center

  • Assess your documents and implement the system you need: Procedures, archive management chart, etc.

  •  Process your stacked archives and design a knowledge base for your consultations

  • Automate searches and reduce physical document access times to zero



By mastering the entire dematerialization chain, we turn the dream of digitizing your liabilities into reality.

A dynamic, experienced team.

With equipment adapted to your needs (format, speed, type of documents, etc.), we transform your archives into standardized digital documents in record time.

Consulting and support

PROARCHIVE has authentic skills to assess your documents, audit your systems, determine the issues and specify the solutions you need.

Draw up technical specifications for you.

Study technical responses and help you make the best decision.

A wrong identification of needs inevitably leads to additional costs linked to the acquisition of tools or services whitch are unnecessary.

Content management solution

PROARCHIVE solutions assists its clients in a comprehensive digital transformation journey, starting with the audit of document validation workflows and extending to the deployment of the EDMS/CSP solution and the digitization of business processes.


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